Billy Fury: Halfway to Paradise


This terrific Goffin-King number was first recorded by Tony Orlando in 1961 when he was 16. It was ok and got to 39 in the States, but it didn’t make the most of the song.

Billy Fury gave it the full orchestral treatment later that year, taking it to 3 in the UK chart. This remains the benchmark for me, but Billy can do very little wrong as far as I am concerned.

Two other versions of interest: Bobby Vinton did a low-key but tuneful version in 1968 which reached 23 in America,

and Nick Lowe released it in 1977 in a kind of cross between punk and the Beverley Sisters.

If you are a real glutton for punishment, try the Sandy Posey version from 1967. Ms Posey did some brilliant songs but she reduces this to pap.

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