Bobby Darin: I’ll Be There


BOBBY Darin suffered rheumatic fever as a child and it damaged his heart. Knowing he was likely to die young, he threw himself into everything, and maybe spread himself a bit thin. He was a singer, song-writer and actor in films and TV. Among his song-writing credits are Dream Lover (1959), Things (1962) and 18 Yellow Roses (1963). These are all fine, but nowhere near as good as I’ll Be There, released as the B-side to Bill Bailey in 1960.

Darin died in 1973, aged 37, after a heart operation.

Gerry and the Pacemakers did a very creditable cover released as the B-side to Ferry Cross the Merseyin 1964 (as far as I can make out the sides were reversed in 1965), though I don’t like their new intro to it. It’s a hard melody to sing but Gerry Marsden had a very good voice and does it well.

Elvis had a go at it in 1969 but while a fan of The King I have to say it’s not much good.

 Cass Elliot recorded it in 1972 but it sounds a bit routine to me.

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