The Ivy League: Funny How Love Can Be


This was written by two of the trio, John Carter and Ken Lewis (former members of Carter-Lewis and the Southerners).

It was their second single and was released in January 1965. It made No 8 in Britain.

Here is a live performance with a bonus appearance by Sir Jimmy Savile.

The Rockin’ Berries did it for their album In Town, released in February 1965.

The Fortunes also covered it but I am having trouble finding out if it was on an album and if so when, or a single. It’s a shame because it’s great.

Tony Burrows, a one-time member of the Ivy League as well as Edison Lighthouse, the Flower Pot Men, White Plains and Brotherhood of Man, to name but a few, made a very different version for the 1999 Tony Burrows & The Hit Squad album succinctly titled All The Hits plus More – The Voice Behind The Hits. I love it.

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