Brian Poole and the Tremeloes: Someone, Someone


In honour of Brian Poole’s 80th birthday on November 2, this was one of the group’s most successful numbers, reaching No 2 in the UK in 1964.

This is a live performance.

It was first recorded (in a much better version) by the Crickets in 1958 and released as the B-side of Love’s Made a Fool of You (written and originally performed but not recorded by Buddy Holly).

Someone, Someone was written by Edwin Greines and Violet Ann Petty, the wife of Norman Petty, Buddy Holly’s producer and manager until shortly before Holly’s death.

In 2004 the Crickets recorded the song with Eric Clapton for their album The Crickets & Their Buddies.


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  1. Great song. Is the singer in the live Tremeloes clip Chesney Hawkes’s dad? If so I can see the resemblance. (If not, I can still see the resemblance!)

    I love BP and the Trem’s “Do You Love Me”; it is a real rocker. It must have been one of the first records to feature a loud, driving bass line.

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