John Hiatt with The Jerry Douglas Band: I’m In Asheville


What a wonderful sound from the Instrument Formerly Known As Dobro.


2 Replies to “John Hiatt with The Jerry Douglas Band: I’m In Asheville”

  1. Lovely song. Thanks for sharing it.
    Great website!

  2. What synchronicity…a friend alerted me this morning to this track and this website, the latter unknown to me but, as someone who has cherished radio since childhood, running around the garden kicking a tennis ball while holding a transistor radio to my ear, a wonderful discovery. Yesterday evening I stood outside my house and chatted with another friend who was walking past and he mentioned seeing John Hyatt in performance in London in recent years. “His voice was shot, just gone” and there is a poignancy added to this track because of this. Then I read your piece on Tony Hancock, I knew his story well but I think I might have to take a break from poignancy and go into the sunshine. Hancock’s greatness lives on, thanks also to BBC4 Extra. I also remember hearing Sid James say in a radio doc that he recognised that some of Hancock’s best programmes were made after he was dropped, a generous tribute.

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