Rolling Stones: Come On


This was the Stones’ first single. It was written and released by Chuck Berry in October 1961.

It didn’t make the charts but the B-side, Go Go Go, reached number 38 in the UK.

The Stones released their version in June 1963. It got to No 21 in Britain. I don’t think it is a patch on the Berry original.


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  1. “Come On” was a great single and I much prefer it to Chuck Berry’s original. The Stones changed the song into something completely different, creating the London R&B sound. Its b-side is even better: “I Want To Be Loved”, another cover version of course.

    Their follow-up single, “I Wanna Be Your Man”, was one of their best. I’m puzzled by its b-side “Stoned”. Was the word stoned used in the drugged sense in 1963? Had it been released a couple of years later it would have cause a stir methinks.

    That’s a strange still of Mick Jagger in the YouTube clip; he looks almost like Brian’s twin.

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