Bay City Rollers: Bye Bye Baby


This may be sacrilege but I prefer the Bay City Rollers’ version to the the one by Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons. I’m afraid I never cared for the Four Seasons.

The song was written by Four Seasons members Bob Crewe and Bob Gaudio. It reached No 12 in the States in 1965. To my surprise, I find it did not chart in Britain.

The Bay City Rollers’ version topped the UK charts for six weeks in March and April 1975, selling nearly a million copies and becoming the biggest seller of the year.


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  1. It’s not sacrilege, the Rollers made some great singles. There’s nothing like being in a pub in Scotland and hearing all the great Scottish pop records, including those by the Bay City Rollers, played to a crowd of merry Scots!

    (Pubs – remember them?)

    Some of the Four Seasons hits are rather shrill and annoying, but I think they have made some greats. I like “December 1963” and “You’re Ready Now” particularly. Frankie Valli solo did the slushy classic “My Eyes Adored You”, but I think his masterwork was the theme song to “Grease”.

    Then there’s the Four Seasons without Frankie, “Silver Star”:

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