Everly Brothers: Why Worry


My favourite Everly Brothers track although it is later than my usual era. It was written by Mark Knopfler and released on the May 1985 Dire Straits album Brothers in Arms.

The Everlys covered it on their brilliant Born Yesterday album produced by Dave Edmunds and released later the same year.

Here they perform it with Knopfler and Chet Atkins.


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  1. It is brilliant by the Everlys! I liked Dire Straits when they first came out, but by the time of “Brothers In Arms” they had become super-boring (as well as super-rich). The Everlys lift that song out of its doldrums and make it their own.

    I came across this on YouTube recently whilst watching Lucinda Lambton (she’s great!) clips. She met the Everlys on a train in 1960, and here she meets them again in 1988:


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