Bert Jansch: LA Turnaround – the movie


A short film about the making of what regular readers will know is one of my all-time favourite records. Spot producer Michael Nesmith in a succession of natty outfits. Half of LA Turnaround was recorded at Charisma Records chief Tony Stratton-Smith’s lovely country home, Lexford House near Crowborough, East Sussex. The rest went down at Nesmith’s ranch in Sepulveda, California.


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  1. That’s just like my house!

    I noticed a few bottles of Pimm’s knocking around. Why does anyone drink that stuff? it’s ‘orrible. There was a can of McEwan’s on the table though – probably Bert’s – so all is not lost.

    Seriously though, that was a great little film, and possibly the best film of Bert singing and playing that I’ve seen.

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