Neil Pillock and the prancing Maybot


One of the most toe-curling moments in British political history when, at a 1992 Labour election rally in Sheffield, the Welsh wanker adopted a faux-American accent to declare: ‘We’re aw-right!’

And if that makes your flesh creep, how about Theresa May’s 2018 Tory Conference entrance to Abba’s Dancing Queen? What do these people think they’re doing?


2 Replies to “Neil Pillock and the prancing Maybot”

  1. Brilliant. Kinnock obviously thought he was Mick Jagger at Wembley Stadium. Roy Hattersley looked more like his Spitting Image version. Theresa May looked like Nosferatu creaking down the cellar steps.

    There’s lots more to go at: John Redwood trying to sing the Welsh anthem; John Prescott thumping someone, and on several occasions Prince Charles dancing.

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