Van Morrison: Almost Independence Day


Hypnotic track from 1972’s excellent St Dominic’s Preview. Try not to let the fact that he’s a complete knob detract from the music, although I must admit it’s a struggle for me.


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  1. “Complete knobheads in music” would be a good subject to expound on!

    There’s been a few. My favourite groups are the Beatles and the Stones, but by all accounts Lennon was a complete pain in the neck, nasty, and is even rumoured to have murdered someone. You rarely hear a good word about Mick Jagger from people who have met him, and Brian Jones was before his time in the knobhead field. A proto-knobhead! Although Mick and Keith eventually booted him out.

    The premier league of rock knobs must include Jim Morrison , Sid Vicious and John Bonham. There are many others, but those three are the Man. United, Man, City and Liverpool of them all.

    Marc Ellen, in his book, explained Van Morrison’s knobheadedness as being due to finding fame at an early age. Van became a huge star in his adolescence, and so stayed in adolescence, with all his needs catered for; never having to mature and fend for himself.

    But there have been many stars who found fame early and didn’t become arrogant weirdos. Michael Jackson was more or less born in the limelight and was a star of stage and TV in childhood and look how he turned out.

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