Do You Want to Dance


This was written by American singer Bobby Freeman and recorded by him in 1958. It reached number No 5 in the US.

This is a very strange video, half taken up by an interview with actor Tony Randall.

In 1962 Cliff Richard and the Shadows’ version reached No 2 in the United Kingdom despite being a B-side. (The A-side was I’m Lookin’ Out the Window.) I would like to place on record (no pun intended) that I think Brian Bennett of the Shadows was one of the finest pop drummers. I doubt if he features in any list of best drummers, yet Ringo Starr is always there. Ludicrous.

Del Shannon recorded it in 1964 and reached No 43 in America. It did not chart in Britain but I am not sure if it was released here.

Here is a short live version, which shows what a great stage performer Shannon was.

I am not sure if it was Shannon or the Beach Boys who varied the title to Do You Wanna Dance? In 1965 the Beach Boys took it to No 12 in America, their highest charting song to feature Dennis Wilson on lead vocals.

If you want to waste an afternoon on YouTube there are dozens of other recordings but these are the best from the era of proper pop, in my opinion. And here I give you the worst, by the frightful Mamas and Papas. Do yourself a favour and don’t play it.


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  1. I love the Bobby Freeman original but Cliff wins this one hands down for me, the Shadows really make it swing. The Ramones did a good supercharged version.

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