The Shirelles: Dedicated to the One I Love


This was written by Ralph Bass and Lowman Pauling, guitarist with the 5 Royales. The group released it in 1957. I’d say it was pretty good if the guitarist wasn’t playing another song.

The Shirelles recorded it in 1959 and reached No 83 in America. Re-released in 1961, it got to No 3. I don’t think it was released in the UK.

This video features the group but the sound quality isn’t good.

The same year, 1961, the 5 Royales version was re-released but only made No 81 in the States.

In 1967 it was murdered by the ghastly Mamas and Papas. I am assuming the video is all there because I can’t bear to listen to the end. Sad to say, it got to No 2 on both sides of the Atlantic.

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