Gene Pitney: Princess in Rags


The melody was by Helen Miller, an American who started songwriting in the 1940s, and the lyrics by Roger Atkins, at one time a Brill Building writer. It was released in 1965, reaching No 9 in Britain and No 37 in the States.


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  1. I love Gene, many great hits, “Something’s Got A Hold Of My Heart” is a classic rock ballad, in either version by him alone or with Marc Almond.

    “Princess In Rags” put me in mind of “Poor Side Of Town” by Johnny Rivers, which was a huge hit in the US, but did nothing over here. It’s a big American production, in a similar vein to a Gene Pitney or Righteous Brothers number.

    I can imagine Clint Eastwood’s radio DJ in “Play Misty For Me” spinning this one as the Pacific crashes on the rocks below…

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