Polly on the Shore


First the terrific 1971 version by Trees, from the album On the Shore.

And then for good measure Fairport’s stab at it, from the 1973 LP Nine.


2 Replies to “Polly on the Shore”

  1. Fabulous song, in either version, although Fairport’s is the best one for me, with its fuzzbox wah-wah bass. It tells a great story, about decks splattered with blood, watery graves, men o’ war and broadsides. All in the month of May of course, when all folk songs are set. It’s the only Trevor Lucas song I like.

  2. Just listened to both Trees LPs and yes, Polly On The Shore is terrific. The Trees are a little disappointing though, in that their album covers are brilliantly artistic and original, and singer Celia Humphris is most comely, but put the records on and…

    I don’t rate “The Garden Of Jane Delawney” very much, but “On The Shore” is a big improvement, especially side two. The guitarist has got the Richard Thompson “Tam Lin” sound, and that’s a good thing to have. Shame they didn’t go on to make more records.

    Earlier in the folk-rock tradition here is the group The Silkie with a famous Beatles cover:


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