Lulu: To Sir With Love


Ok, it’s cheesy, but it’s a great melody. It was written by Don Black and Mark London as the theme song for the 1967 film To Sir, with Love, starring Sidney Poitier. It topped the chart in America but reached only No 11 in Britain.

This is the end of the film:

This is the single:


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  1. That’s a great song, I’ve always liked Lulu. Very wholesome, never a whiff of scandal.

    Changing the subject slightly to another wholesome 60s redhead… Cilla. I was watching some clips of Cilla Black the other night and in one, she guests with Morecambe and Wise. She flirts with Ernie but cold shoulders Eric, and Eric reproaches her with “For a couple of quid more we could’ve got Lulu!”.

    This a wonderful clip of Cilla with Dudley Moore:

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