The Crystals: Da Doo Ron Ron


This was written by Jeff Barry, Ellie Greenwich and Phil Spector. According to Wikipedia, the words Da Doo Ron Ron were intended as a filler while the rest of the lyrics were produced, but Spector liked them so much that he kept them. The Crystals recorded it in March 1963 with Spector producing. It reached No 3 in America in June and No 5 in the UK.

In August the Searchers released it on their first album, Meet the Searchers, changing the name to Jill to reverse the sexes. This was the era of Tony Jackson on lead vocals, with his marvellous high-pitched voice.

Later that year Barry and Greenwich recorded it themselves as a duo called The Raindrops (pictures often showed Greenwich’s sister as a member of the group, but she did not sing). It was on their only album, The Raindrops.

In 1972 it was recorded with the name Bill by Ian Matthews on his album Tigers Will Survive.

Dave Edmunds also used the name Bill when he recorded it in 1975 on his album Subtle as a Flying Mallet.

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