The Springfields: Silver Threads and Golden Needles


The Springfields – Mary O’Brien (later Dusty Springfield), her brother Tom and Tim Feild, later replaced by Mike Hurst – had a lovely harmony but in my opinion were let down by the terrible material they were given. An exception was the country classic Silver Threads and Golden Needles, by Jack Rhodes and Dick Reynolds, which they recorded in 1962 (with Hurst). It reached No 20 in America, the first single by a British group to enter the US top 20. I don’t know if was released in Britain – I imagine it was – but it did not reach the charts.

There are dozens of other versions and here are some of them. This is the 1956 original by Wanda Jackson:

Skeeter Davis, 1962:

And this may be the best, by the wondrous Grateful Dead in 1970:

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