The Mojos: Everything’s Al’ Right


This was written by all five members of the Liverpool group: Nicky Crouch, Bob Konrad, Stu James, Keith Karlson and ‘Simon Stavely’, a pseudonym for keyboardist Terence O’Toole. Despite the oddly punctuated title, it reached No 9 in Britain in 1964.


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  1. Great group and great song. I first heard “Everything’s Alright” on a Decca compilation called “Hard Up Heroes”, and many people know the song through David Bowie’s cover version on “Pin Ups” of course.

    I have the Edsel LP of the Mojos’ singles. My favourite of theirs in “Coming On To Cry”, which is a big, dramatic, very British, sad ballad. Other examples of this type of song, also from 1964/65, are “Don’t Mind” by The Fairies and the much better known “Don’t Let The Sun Catch You Crying” from Gerry and his Pacemakers.

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