The Leftie who puts the berk in Berkeley


OH, to live in Berkeley, California, where they’ve really got their priorities right.

In a radical overhaul, all ‘gendered’ language is to be removed from the official city code to make it more ‘inclusive’. 

Thus manholes are now maintenance holes, brothers or sisters are siblings, and manmade fibres are human-made, artificial, machine-made, synthetic or manufactured. Yes, manufactured, not personufactured, which shows how deeply the Berkeley Lefties have thought this through.

It’s all the idea of a young shaver named Rigel Robinson – yes, Rigel, not Nigel – in his early twenties, the youngest-ever member of the city council. He tweeted: ‘There is power in language. It is a small move, but it matters.’

This is the same person (oh, no, it’s contagious!) who rejected an invitation to appear on the conservative commentator Tucker Carlson’s political talkshow on the grounds that Carlson is a ‘dangerous, xenophobic, racist, white supremacist goblin who I am not interested in engaging with’.

So that’s all right then. Woke upstarts can describe someone as a racist white goblin with impunity, but normal people can’t call a manhole a manhole.

If you ask me, radical Rige is nothing more than a pain in the maintenance hole. But how long before this bonkers stuff hits the UK?

Late football result: Humanchester United 2, Rearendnal 3.

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