Dave Berry: The Crying Game


My friend Helen and I used to spend hours hanging around outside the stage door of the Fairfield Halls in Croydon, where every pop group appeared on their national tours. One day, it must have been in 1964 or early 1965, Dave Berry emerged and as we were the only people in view he asked us if we knew of any Chinese restaurants. They weren’t so common in those days and we didn’t, but we tagged along with him in his search. He was a sweetheart, a lovely Sheffield lad, chatting away cheerfully to these two silly girls. I don’t think we found a Chinese though.

He released The Crying Game by the prolific English songwriter Geoff Stephens in 1964 and it got to No 5 in Britain. The lead guitarist was Big Jim Sullivan, a session musician who played on more hits than I have had hot dinners, and Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin) was also in there.

Boy George did a version in 1992 but that is beyond my parameters. Pop music for me finished around 1972.

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