The Dave Clark Five: Because


THIS was the B-side of the very ordinary Can’t You See That She’s Mine which reached No 10 in the UK in June 1964. However Dave Clark, who wrote it, insisted that it was released as an A-side in America, and he was proved right when it reached No 3 there.

Julian Lennon, looking and sounding eerily like his father, recorded it for the soundtrack to Clark’s 1986 musical Time.

There’s a sad postscript. In 2003, at the age of 59, lead singer and keyboards player Mike Smith broke his back in a freak accident – he was trying to climb a 7ft gate after locking himself out of his house. He was almost completely paralysed, having just a small amount of movement in one arm. It was three months since his only son had died in a diving accident. Smith spent four years in hospital and died in 2008, aged 64.

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