Mozart: Requiem K 626 Tuba Mirum


MOZART (1756-1791) was still writing this beautiful work when he died at the terribly early age of 35. He had written the vocal parts for this section but the orchestration was completed to his draft by his friend Sussmeyer. 

Here is the English translation: The trumpet will send its wondrous sound throughout earth’s sepulchres and gather all before the throne. Death and nature will be astounded, when all creation rises again, to answer the judgement. A book will be brought forth, in which all will be written, by which the world will be judged. When the judge takes his place, what is hidden will be revealed, nothing will remain unavenged.  What shall a wretch like me say? Who shall intercede for me, when the just ones need mercy? 

As a schoolgirl in the 60s I had the privilege of taking part in a London schools performance of the Requiem under the renowned conductor David Willcocks. One of the highlights of my life. Having sung only in a girls’ choir, the moment when I first heard the tenors and basses was marvellous, like the sun coming out.

 I chose this recording because of the lovely soprano. I don’t know who any of the musicians are, which is a shame.

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